Saturday, 5 June 2010

• Greek Salad

Greek Salad, originally uploaded by Lisa Fagg.

I craved salad today. It might have been the weather; it was warm and sunny and the cricket was on in the kitchen. It felt like Summer - at last!

A rummage in the fridge turned up some lettuce, tomatoes, salted anchovies, Kalamata olives, cucumber and feta cheese. Always helpful, Robby, our youngest cat came in from the garden and offered a small, half-dead baby bird but I wasn't tempted!

I assembled the salad (the anchovies, brought back from Nice on our most recent trip, proved quite labour-intesive to gut and debone!) and dressed it with some good olive oil and vinegar. Steve boiled some eggs. It all went together very nicely - and we ate it out in the garden, in the sunshine while listening to Test Match Special.

Ah....... Summer!

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