Monday, 31 May 2010

• Dosa... fail!

I was going to begin this post with, "Honey, dinner's on the printer!" (which is how our dinner preparations usually begin...) but events conspired to make a mockery of my attempts at making dosa! Rita, how did you manage it?! I used the same mix, the same pan and the same utensils and look what happened! *Sigh* And things had been going so well, lately; almost everything I've tried cooking in my new-found favourite cuisine seems to work brilliantly. Buoyed by my recent spate of success, I thought I'd make Masala Dosa for dinner tonight.

That's where I went wrong:
Not expecting anything untoward, I perused the web for a nice recipe for the filling, settling on a Potato Bhaji recipe and added it to my recipe database. Then I printed it out and asked Steve to make it for us while I prepared the dosa. Next, I carefully added the correct amount of water to a packet of Gits Dosa mix, mixed the batter and let it sit for a few minutes while I gathered my utensils and put a plate in the oven for the finished dosas.

Then the games began; first I tried following the instructions with the relative astounding success you can just make out in the upper left-hand corner of the photo above. Then, all hell broke loose - I just couldn't get the things to come off of my pan! I tried and tried and tried again, until there was no more batter!

*Sigh*. Not having prepared any rice to go with the lovely potato masala which, by now Steve had made and was now sitting (covered) on the stove, smelling ridiculously wonderful, I had a flash of inspiration.

I got out another pan and whipped up a quick wheat flour batter I had been shown how to make by a friend (basically self-rising flour, salt and water mixed to the consistency of double cream) and produced a batch of thin, slightly elastic and very tasty pancake wraps. These "Cheat's Dosa" went perfectly with our potato bhaji and we were fed.

Savory wheat pancakes

The End.

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