Monday, 24 May 2010

In Great Yarmouth, a vagabond

We went to the British seaside for a weekend in May. 'We' being my lab buddies (and spouses and partners) and the 'weekend' being the third weekend in May. Originally, the idea was to have a 'Lab Outing' - kind of a weekend retreat together. We would all - me (and named spouse), Ihsene, Hannah, Yvonne (and named spouse) and Rupak (and named spouse) - go somewhere together with the idea of having fun - out of the laboratory. That was the idea. Bear in mind that this was a plan that was planned, conceived and hatched in February. February - you know the month - that '-ary' month, marooned right smack in the ass end of winter in the no man's land that lies just where Christmas joy has faded and Spring - though much hoped for and even more anticipated - is far too far away to ponder. It was in the grip of February's cold grasp that we conspired to go away together in Springtime and have fun.

The reality (oh, there's always a reality!) was that, for one reason or another, one couldn't make it; another's spouse couldn't come; someone unexpected (but very welcome, indeed!) was substituted for - yet another and, well, you see how it goes... So we, the motley crew that we are, finally sorted ourselves out (kit, kaboodle and food enough for a starving army...) and headed for a caravan park in Great Yarmouth on the North Sea coast.

... To be continued . . .

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