Monday, 5 April 2010

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This is me. At least this was me yesterday afternoon in the kitchen, as photographed by Steve. Notice that I am in the kitchen, not food blogging. I am cooking. After this photo was taken, I got back to work preparing dinner. Having said that, this is the archetypal post for the blog I plan to write.

This is my husband Steve. He might be smiling because he can smell dinner cooking... whatever the reason, I really like this photo of Steve - so much that it is my iPhone desktop photo!

Steve and I have 3 cats. Three cats is one cat too many - but we manage.

This is Tomas, our oldest cat
He's nearly 16 years old. He's in very good shape for his age. This is partly due to his very healthy diet and regular visits to the vet and partly due to the efforts of his 'personal trainer'...

This is Robby, our youngest cat. Robby is Tomas's self-appointed personal trainer.

He and Tomas run around the house together, all hours of the day and night. Tomas vocalises a lot during these sessions (read: screams like a stuck pig) but he manages to keep the game going for a good while. I wanted to get a photo of Robby looking less menacing, less... fierce. Alas, the camera never lies. You can see the 'killer' in his eyes, right?

 Anyway, one thing is for sure, our darling girlie cat Sofie, is never to blame for any of the ruckus that goes on in our house.

This is Sofie, our middlest and girliest cat
She's Tomas's best friend. She knows how to deal with Robby. When these these two go at it, the fur flies!

Sofie (l.) and Robby (r.)It all seems to be in good fun though because the three of them (or any two of them) can be found sleeping together in front of the gas fire
Most telling, perhaps, is Sunday mornings can find all FIVE of us crammed in bed together!

So this is the 'family'.

Lamb Stew with Algerian SpicesAnd this is what was for dinner...Lamb Stew with Algerian Spices.

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