Wednesday, 7 April 2010

• Surprise!

Today we got a big surprise! My friend Pamela sent us a package - all the way from New York! Okay, it wasn't a complete surprise, because when you send a big package across the Atlantic you do tend to let the recipients know to expect it. But it was a surprise, anyway.

So here it is - just as it was before we opened it. Once I began to open it, I could smell ... chocolate! At least I thought it was chocolate... something sugary and chocolatey smelling, anyway.

It took a few minutes to get it open.

The first thing we saw once we'd got it open was... tissue paper! Bubble wrap! And... PEEPS!!!!

You know you're a loooong way from Kansas, when you don't see Peeps in your local supermarket!  Pamela sent two packs of Peeps one of the 'original' yellow chicks and one pack of pink bunnies (Peeps come in a variety of shapes and colours and sizes... check 'em out here.)
 Delving deeper into the tissue paper we found three boxes of Girl Scout Cookies!

Well, we had to try some, didn't we? Nom, Nom. Now we know why Americans are fat - we ate 5 small (absolutely deee-licios!!) cookies between us - and consumed a total of 375 calories, just like that! We later admitted that we could easily have eaten the whole box (of 15 cookies) had I not grabbed the box and put it in the pantry. Whew! Close call. Not for snacking on but for *serious* indulgence...

I can't begin to describe the next several packages - one package smelled (and looked!) like Oreo cookies; another like package of Saltine crackers and cheese; yet another like S'mores... but they were ...SOAP!

Yep, soap! Unbelievable.

 Also included in the package were a set of US commemorative stamps (for Steve, an avid stamp collector) and a pair of (photographic?) prints of telegraph poles and birds. (It's getting late and my feeble powers of description are fading fast!)

All in all, it was a wonderful surprise Christmas and Easter package - all the way from NY!

Thanks, Pamela...

And good night!

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  1. I am so glad that you got the package and enjoyed opening it. Here is a link to a video that shows some of the entries to the Syracuse Post Standard Peeps Diorama Contest.

    The video is an example of how peeple in a city that got 106.1 inches (269.5cm about 2 1/2 metres?) of snow celebrate spring. We are a little wacky by the time we see the grass again!!!

    Enjoy the peeps and the cookies!!!!